Ok, so I have super frizzy hair. There is no denying it and the drought is not helping the problem. The problem is that it is also really thin, so if I try to put oily things on it, it just falls flat. I am also not super keen on giving out loads of money on hair products only to be stuck with a shower full of hair products I never use (my shower is already small enough). But in my search to try new things I came across something called a tea hair rinse. The idea is that it is meant to somehow calm the frizz and make your hair all shiny and soft. Legend has it that if you use black tea with lots of tannins you can even cover greys by simply rinsing your hair. However, using a herbal tea like honeybush has the great additional benefit of leaving a wonderfully sweet scent behind.

According to various accounts, the main instructions are to make about two cups of very strong tea (about 5 tsp in 500 mL boiling water) and let it steep for a good while until its cooled down to room temperature. To summon the magic, pour the tea over your damp hair after washing it with shampoo. Allow it to soak for about 15 – 30 min and rinse thoroughly. You can then apply your conditioner as usual and continue your beauty regime.

At first, pouring tea out over my hair seemed like a terrible waste of a good strong cup of tea; it also seemed pretty messy. On the latter count I was indeed correct. Do not try soaking your hair full of tea if you’re planning on leaving the shower. You WILL stain your towel. And your floors. Rather put on some music and shave your legs while you wait. I repeat: DO NOT LEAVE THE SHOWER. But adding this practice as part of your relaxing bath is great (only if you’re not in the Cape)! It might turn the bathwater an unusual colour, but if you embrace it you’ll have no problem. It turns out soaking or rinsing your hair in tea is an amazing idea! My hair has never felt so soft and silky! It still had body and minimum frizz! I now add this to my routine once a week and haven’t looked back.

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